Steve Hinton: Lead

Steve Hinton is a fixture in the world of warbirds, performing at air shows around the world for more than 35 years, flying over 150 types of aircraft. His restoration company Fighter Rebuilders LLC, has restored more than 40 warbirds to pristine flying condition.

Steve has been President of Planes of Fame Air Museum since 1994.  He was a founding member of the Motion Picture Pilots Association and is a civilian pilot with the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation, a World Speed Record holder and a Reno Air Race Champion.  He has more than 7000 hours flying WWII fighters. Steve was inducted into the EAA Warbird Hall of Fame in 2005 and received the Art Sholl Showmanship Award from the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) in 2010.

Steve also flew as a Spitfire pilot in Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed 2017 film Dunkirk, which tells the dramatic story of one of WWII’s most important battles.